TTEF Makes Its First Two Scholarship Awards!!

TTEFAfter less than one year in existence, the Transcending Through Education Foundation (TTEF) is excited to announce their first pair of scholarship winners!  The strong applicant pool revealed how much hard work and accomplishment is happening behind prison walls.  TTEF is extremely impressed by the dedication to education and self-improvement shown by each of these scholars.

One of our scholarship winners is currently at the ACI women’s facility, and will be released in October.  She is a mother of two children and has been accepted to the University of Rhode Island, planning to study Computer Science upon release.  While in prison, she received her Associate’s Degree from CCRI with a 3.76 GPA.

The other recipient is currently at the Medium Security facility in Cranston.  He plans to use his TTEF scholarship towards an online MBA degree from Adams State University while he is still incarcerated.  He received an Associate’s Degree from CCRI and a Bachelor’s Degree from Adams State University while in prison.  He has a stellar academic record and has been very active in encouraging others in prison to pursue their education.

TTEF looks forward to working with these two individuals as they continue their educational journey.  We will assign them a mentor and provide guidance through a series of planned workshops.  TTEF feels confident that these scholars will in turn also help others charting a similar path, as well as work to ward others from entering prison in the first place.

TTEF was founded to provide educational resources and support to people in prison, or transitioning out of prison, who are pursuing higher education.  We hope to turn the School-to-Prison pipeline into a Prison-to-School pipeline.  We congratulate everyone who has made or is making this positive change, whether you are working on your first college credit or are finishing your degree!

Transcending Through Education is a nonprofit organization, supported by their founders and generous donors.  Please consider giving to TTEF so that 2014 may be even more exciting than 2013!!


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