TTEF in 2013: What a Year!

bigpreview_All Years up to 2013The year in review…

TTEF entered 2013 still working out the process of granting college scholarships.  With little more than the determination of three former prisoners, there was much to be done in order to help others in a substantial and sustainable manner.  A year later and we are able to see all that work pay off.

During 2013, we added amazing people to our boards (Mimi Budnick, Cherie Cruz, Prof. Andrew Horwitz, Cris Potter, and Prof. Tina Reynolds), and in the coming year we look forward to implementing fundraising and communications committees.  We have done all this so far by the sweat of our brows, and look forward to having a staff administrator in 2014 or beyond.

We’re asking you to please donate $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can fit into your budget.  You can donate through this page here.    Andres, Noah, and Bruce had no cause for hope when they were locked up.   They weren’t sure anyone cared outside of their immediate circle.  TTEF is changing that sense of isolation; and we want to announce that many community members care about them making that transition up and out of the pit.

Help us raise awareness through the little things:

Our goal is not to promote a scholarship program.  It is to promote a concept: that education is the way to heal and revitalize the desolation caused by crime and by punishment.  A nation full of outcasts is destined to fail, and TTEF knows firsthand that everybody is eligible to be an important piece of a thriving society.

In 2014 we expect to have dozens of worthy applicants along with many calls to expand TTEF outside of Rhode Island.  We can’t help everyone, but with your help we can cast a series of ripples into the world.

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