TTEF Awards College Scholarships and Grants to Incarcerated Students

TTEFWe are happy to announce our latest college scholarship and grant winners!

We thank our supporters for helping to fund these impressive educational journeys!  This year we had an increase in applications, thus making our decisions extremely difficult.

We awarded two scholarships, one renewal scholarship, and five smaller grants this year.  One scholar is a woman recently released from prison who will continue her education at the Community College of Rhode Island.  She ultimately plans to become a counselor for adolescents.  The other scholar is soon to be released, and after already earning his Associate’s Degree he now plans to study Computer Science at a four-year college.  One renewal scholarship went to a previous scholar who continues along his path to a Master’s Degree while still incarcerated.

We are fortunate this year to also award smaller grants to people taking exams for college credits.  Five grantees now have funding to take three of these exams.

TTEF looks forward to working with these students as they continue their educational path.  TTEF was founded to provide educational resources and support to people in prison, or transitioning out of prison, who are pursuing higher education.  We hope to turn the School-to-Prison pipeline into a Prison-to-School pipeline.  We congratulate everyone who has made or is making this positive change, whether you are working on your first college credit or are finishing your degree!

Keep up with us via our blog and Facebook.  And please consider making a donation through our website.  We thank you in advance!

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