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What is Transcending Through Education Foundation (TTEF)?

A non-profit organization which provides resources and support for incarcerated individuals in Rhode Island state prisons to obtain higher education. About 95% of incarcerated individuals get out of prison, but about 60% of them go back without rehabilitation. It has been seen that education drives down recidivism and gives individuals a better chance to lead better lives and give back to their community. Indeed, TTEF believes that individuals can transcend their current circumstances through the pursuit of education.

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TTEF provides scholarships to both individuals who are (1) pursuing education while incarcerated as well as (2) individuals who are transitioning out of incarceration with the goal of pursuing education upon release. The organization provides mentorship, counseling, study skills and habits workshops, financial aid and money management workshops, and most importantly scholarship money to help get the education process started for these deserving individuals. With $5,000, TTEF can help support the education of five beneficiaries.

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Who are the men and women we are helping?

Here are some inspiring stories:

(1) An incarcerated man who has incredible self-drive and motivation. He has earned college credits while incarcerated with the goals of finishing his bachelor’s degree upon release. He is pursuing a business degree so that he can ultimately open his own restaurant. He wished to cultivate a community establishment that hires, trains, and mentors formerly incarcerated individuals. All of his work is geared toward helping and mentoring others as his way to give back and share the many life lessons he has learned. He has received praise from prison staff for his mentorship of other inmates.

(2) An individual who has earned 21 credits while incarcerated from Community College of Rhode Island with a 3.5 gpa. Has enrolled and completed over 20 educational programs offered to inmates. This man has used his love for writing and literature to turn his life around. He uses his stories to convey positivity and influence others. He wants to prevent other young people from becoming trapped in a negative spiral like he was.

(3) A father with a young son at home who is trying to use his incarceration time as best he can to pave the way for a better life for his family when he is released. Believes that education can open future doors for him and serve as a tool he can use to give back. Desires to help other’s in order to make up for the bad choices he has made. Begun a degree in general education studies and wished to teach other’s so that through education they can better their lives and avoid making the same mistakes he made.

(4) An incarcerated woman who felt she had no guidance as a troubled youth. Wants to change this scenario for future generations and is pursuing a career as a counselor for adolescents. Currently enrolled in classes at the Community College of Rhode Island. She wants to complete her degree once released and open a private practice focused on mentoring and assisting troubled youth in the community.

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