Happy New Year: TTEF’s Goals for 2019!

2018 was an exciting year for TTEF— we were awarded the Rhode Island Foundation Grant to expand our programming, and successfully concluded our annual scholarship cycle, awarding individual mentorship, educational support, and scholarship funding to four outstanding scholars. Heading into the new year, TTEF is gearing up to expand and strengthen our community programs and thrilled to be able to provide more scholars with the tools to excel in 2019.

Our Goals for 2019:

  • Work with the Rhode Island Correctional Facility (RIDOC) and Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) to provide 2 or 3 CCRI classes during the calendar year.
    These classes are eligible for college credits, allowing scholars to get a head start on their path to higher education.
  • Host a TTEF workshop in every facility at the RIDOC. Our workshops provide scholars with essential information about applying to college with a criminal record. The increased accessibility of this service is an important stepping stone for our scholar
  • Recruit more mentors to pair with our awardees and those taking CCRI classes. The TTEF mentorship program matches scholars with individual mentors who have traveled a similar path: their familiarity with the Rhode Island criminal justice system provides invaluable logistical and mental support for awardees.
  • Award 4 TTEF individual scholarships.
    TTEF Scholarships are granted to those who are accepted into post-secondary institutions, aiding these scholars in funding their education.
  • Undertake a fundraising campaign for building our internal capacity.  
    The goal of the campaign will be to raise $25,000 to $50,000—allowing TTEF to have a larger impact within Rhode Island prisons through increased classes and workshops, and hopefully providing the infrastructure for TTEF to expand beyond Rhode Island.

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